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Amazing, awesome, intelligent... Kol.

Now, with that aside. Let me say this, this is the polar opposite of David Firth, now as much as I like Mr.Firth's work, it's basically creepy for the sake of being creepy. This is different, this -does- have a plot and -does- have a reason behind all of it. So don't compare this to Salad Fingers, as it is nothing like it. It's just a story about a family, who started off on the wrong foot anyhow, going down hill fast.

Thank you for your time, please stay arrogant a-holes, everyone appreciates it.

Another One Bites The Dust

It sounds more like 'It's Fun To Smoke Marijuana', not 'decide' ... More of a statement then a message, really.

Bi0Reaper responds:

yeah, it works either way, but the "official" version is decide :S

My Opinion: Horrible

I'm sorry, but I hate anime. There's some good shows, but all the rest are copies of eachother. Each episode the same... Now, I'd rather watch DBZ translated into Spanish then this. First off, the voice acting was horrible, (Besides that Kagome person who's in everthing) the animation was mediocre. The dialogue was very, very corny. Unoriginal, boring characters and a storyline as complex as a something that is so totally not complex at all.

But don't mind me, you got front page. And you have the countless self-proclaimed "otakus" on your side, so yeah, don't mind me.


tank plz

Pathetic message, and inappropriate music

Both of the songs you used have very deep meanings, both being very different from the supposed 'message' of this film. Don't get me wrong, Green Day and Goldfinger are great, and the animation was superb, but the message you were trying to convey was stupid over all. I assume by making all the children look like cloned cancer patients you were saying that those were the the followers, and the starring kid was the one who was different, so everyone beats him up. But the truth is, it's not like that. Not at all. See, different people are beat up by different people. Everyone's different in their own way. They're not all bald, tie-wearing jerks with glasses. People can have similar ideals and dislike the same people. There are people that like this kid, and people that don't. That's what makes everyone in that scene different. Some guys are jerks, some guys are nice. You'll have to deal with that through your entire life.

I know I forgot to say something here, but that's all I can think of at the moment. I hope I explained that well enough, now finish Paladin 3.

I hate furbies! I skinned mine down the plastic.

I laughed out loud at the furby thing, other then that, the humor was kind of lame. And Osama is kind of outdated, y'know? Oh well, the media changes fast. Anyway, I'm too lazy to watch your otherones... So hurry up and finish the SD series so we can see bigger and better things.

It was funny, I guess. Good job on the score, too!

I hate old people...

This was a good'un, not as good as the Spoilsbury Toastboys, though... Those are your best, I think. And I also think that you should stay away from the disturbing films, just for the sake of being creepy. My reason? Well, from your other cartoons, I can tell that you're better then that, you're clever and funny... Use it. Anyway, you probably don't care about my opinion.

Furthermore, I like how you can get front page with every one of your movies, and deserve it. I hate it when people get front page because they're well-known and kljdsflksd. Y'know? Anyway, keep up the good work.


Totally new style, graphics were hilarious.

And the song... by god, start a freaking band! The music was amazing, I love it. I'd buy your CD. Legally.


EdibleCastle responds:

lol i'd never be able to play live ):

Misunderstood America

It wasn't his fault, it was the medication he was on. He took an anti-depressent (Prozac) without a mood stabilizer, which is a big mistake with a bipolar kid. if anyone is to be blamed, it should be the doctor that prescribed the medicene. It wasn't him, it wasn't the medicene, it was his stupid parents and stupid therapist. By reading his reviews and responses, I can tell he was a very smart, very opinionated guy. And of course, an extremely talented artist.

He was a stoner, an artist, and a genius. But to all you kids that take medicene out there: if you do drugs or drink alchohal, the medicene becomes obsolete and your mind takes over.

I'm not promoting school killings, I thought what happened was horrible, I'm just defending the innocent.


My mom actually starred in the Bob Newhart show, which I'm assuming you're spoofing there, and that's the only reason I actually watched a Lock movie all the way through. Though I appreciate the spoof, and I think it's the only one on the net, this sucked. You get a 1 for the thought.

Walther-Lock responds:

Dude, your mom did not star in anything, you just wanted an excuse to leave a bad reveiw on a good movie you have no flashs made and you dont know how hard it is to make one even close to being able to pass on NG. Now go cry to your imaginary bob newheart momy and sit on a box of sugar free little debby devil squares untill the armagheddon comes!

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