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Amazing, awesome, intelligent... Kol.

Now, with that aside. Let me say this, this is the polar opposite of David Firth, now as much as I like Mr.Firth's work, it's basically creepy for the sake of being creepy. This is different, this -does- have a plot and -does- have a reason behind all of it. So don't compare this to Salad Fingers, as it is nothing like it. It's just a story about a family, who started off on the wrong foot anyhow, going down hill fast.

Thank you for your time, please stay arrogant a-holes, everyone appreciates it.

Another One Bites The Dust

It sounds more like 'It's Fun To Smoke Marijuana', not 'decide' ... More of a statement then a message, really.

Bi0Reaper responds:

yeah, it works either way, but the "official" version is decide :S

My Opinion: Horrible

I'm sorry, but I hate anime. There's some good shows, but all the rest are copies of eachother. Each episode the same... Now, I'd rather watch DBZ translated into Spanish then this. First off, the voice acting was horrible, (Besides that Kagome person who's in everthing) the animation was mediocre. The dialogue was very, very corny. Unoriginal, boring characters and a storyline as complex as a something that is so totally not complex at all.

But don't mind me, you got front page. And you have the countless self-proclaimed "otakus" on your side, so yeah, don't mind me.

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Very nice.

Great game! I love things like this... Maybe you could expand a bit more in part 2, which you ARE going to make.

Also, I have all the stickers... even though in my profile it only says I have 19, on the list they're all crossed out... So, where's the prize? ._.


I can't give this a bad review because I've played it more then I've played any other 'game' on Newgrounds. The graphics are fine, for what it is... They could be better, but it's not that big of a deal. Would it lag it if the graphics were awesome, though?

Anyway, it's very original... Perhaps fonts, colors, friends list? And maybe idle, afk and brb modes? So people know if you're there or not. But, anyway, I like it.

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Thank you!

Thank you for supplying me with an AMAZING track for my flash series! It fit the mood I was going for perfectly, and without you I really don't think I'd be as happy as I am with the turn-out of my movies. Keep up the great work!

Never review audio before...

You obviously have a great taste in music, and having these are a great alternative to having the actual huge MP3 in your flash, if you want that 'classic rock' feel. Good job!

Tancrisism responds:

Awesome, man! Thanks!

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